Website Relaunch with EPIM-Connection / ACO Building Material

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Website Relaunch with EPIM-Connection / ACO Building Material

About ACO Building Material

With protective construction elements and drainage systems for private and commercial building construction, ACO supports modern and sustainable architecture in the areas of house, cellar and garden and thus makes an important contribution to the responsible use of water resources and the environment.

The Requirement

The requirements for the relaunch of the ACO Building Material website included not only new technical functions but also the adoption of functions that other ACO companies had previously been able to use. The basic technology and website layout of the relaunch is largely based on the state of the art of the ACO Civil Engineering company website. In addition, the integration of further contact search extensions and all kinds of smaller technical and usability improvements were required.

The Solution

The layout adaptations supplied by a third-party agency were integrated into the existing technical basis and supplemented and optimised. The most striking innovation is the product area, which will now be provided with an XML-based product import in the future, so that all product data can be obtained directly from the ACO PIM.

This makes Building Material the first of the ACO companies to take this major technical step and to actively and productively use the XML importer technology developed previously. The Golden Master System used enables a central, but content-loose view of the layouts, content elements and usability elements.

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