All national websites in 1 multi-site solution

"A national platform for all political websites (400+) of CDA. Both national, provincial and local websites. A multi-platform with over 400 active websites and 700 editors!"

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All national websites in 1 multi-site solution

One of the biggest political parties in The Netherlands based on member count

400 websites with the same recognizable image of the CDA. The CDA is a political association with around 40,000 members and thousands of volunteers. They have a national office in The Hague, 12 provincial and 400 local departments. The platform wants to radiate unity, more than 700 editors manage content in the same system with the same professional image. In addition, they strive for a high-performance platform, with a natural focus on security. The CDA also wants to set a good example in this area with a safe online environment.

Political parties such as the CDA have a large following that would like to be well informed. And organizations that want to donate must find their way quickly. Central and decentralized managers must therefore be able to easily add and adjust content. At the same time, the site must radiate online unity, be safe and must withstand peak loads. This requires cloud hosting (AWS) and a professional multi-site solution in which all sites run on the same system and are linked to each other.

Multi-site TYPO3 application

Realizing unity for all CDA sites in the country, both in appearance and in technology.

All decentralized departments of the CDA had their own website. There was no clarity and that was at the expense of a professional image. Moreover, the different sites were not manageable. And that also applied to the costs. The CDA wanted to facilitate the departments with uniform websites. In short: all sites on the same system and linked to each other. They were looking for a partner who could realize this for them using an open source content management solution.

The result

Efficiency and clarity through one platform for all CDA sites!

In close cooperation we have made a functional design and technical design. We then prepared and implemented a migration plan together.

MaxServ has deployed AWS for this project. This gives the CDA the ability to dynamically match the platform's performance to visitor demand. Hosting budgets remain within limits, while the party still has a stable and fast online platform that can withstand peak loads. Because all critical components within the platform are multiple, we also offer a high degree of stability and we can work on the functionalities of the site without the visitor noticing.

Security, data breaches and cyber security are hot topics in the political arena. The CDA also wants to set a good example in this area with a safe online environment. We can offer that safe environment because we pay a lot of attention to shielding, monitoring, maintaining and testing the platform, both at application and infrastructure level. Every department of the CDA wants to be able to manage content itself. That is easy with TYPO3 CMS. Editors can add, change or remove text and images depending on their rights. The CDA can also transfer central content to decentralized and vice versa.

Business benefits:

  • Fast online platform, resistant to peak loads
  • Infinitely scalable by using Amazon Web Services
  • Controllable costs
  • 1 look & feel for all national CDA websites
  • 1 system for 700 web editors
  • TYPO3 training for all editors
  • Visitors can easily find what they are looking for through SOLR
  • Short development time

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