Protecting People with Uvex on TYPO3

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Protecting People with Uvex on TYPO3


Ever since the company was founded in 1926, the uvex brand has been synonymous with top-quality and innovative products that provide head-to-toe protection for sports, leisure and work. Family owned for 80 years, in 2009 total revenue for the uvex group was EUR 290,4 million. Their products are made almost exclusively in Germany and Europe, with a commitment to excellence that makes them a global partner on the international elite sports scene, providing equipment for more than 1,000 top athletes.

Uvex runs their global web infrastructure entirely on TYPO3 for many years now and has been convinced by its cost-efficiency and flexibility as well as globalization features.

Uvex equestrian team

Partnering with equestrian teams across a broad range of competitions and disciplines we ensure that our athletes are always well protected. Our many years of experience and knowledge gained from professional sport are key to our product development. Working closely with our elite-level athletes ensures our products meet their performance demands. The experience of uvex athletes enhances each and every uvex product.

Helmet technologies

Wearing an uvex helmet ensures your safety. Every helmet undergoes rigoroustests in our testing centre. We guarantee the quality and function of our helmets - plus they meet the most stringent international safety standards for personal protective equipment. Our advanced test procedures also help us develop tomorrow's uvex helmets.

There are demands. Standards. And there is uvex.

We don't just comply with high demands, expectations and standards,


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